The Headmaster's Message

Shri. Amitabh Agnihotri - Headmaster, SAI International Residential School

SAI International has consistently strived to promote a culture of learning and nurture a scientific mindset among students. We have set high standards for imparting 21st-century learning skills through various national and global events, with one of our standout flagship events being SAITED – a Science and Technology Festival aimed at fostering curiosity and creativity among students.

We are happy to announce SAITED 2022, a highly anticipated science-based event that draws participation from multiple schools across the state. This unique school-level science festival promises to provide inquisitive young minds with a wealth of opportunities and exposure in the fields of science, technology, and design.

At SAI International, we firmly believe that while technology may not hold all the answers, it certainly plays a crucial role in solving many challenges. Thus, developing a strong inclination towards technology is imperative for the future global citizens.

Participating in one of the largest K-12 science conclaves, such as SAITED, is an enlightening experience for students. It is designed to orient, educate, and prepare them to become future innovators, researchers, consultants, and designers in their chosen fields. Through this event, students not only acquire knowledge but also cultivate leadership skills, innovation, growth, and engage in meaningful scientific discussions.

I extend a heartfelt invitation to students and teachers from various schools, both within and beyond the state, to join us at the 6th edition of SAITED this year. This conclave provides an exceptional platform for students ranging from Classes IV to XII to share ideas among like-minded peers, expand their knowledge base, and enhance their skills in the domains of science, education, and design. Together, we can democratize the access to science and technology and pave the way for a brighter future. 

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