TED Talks

(Grades VI to XII) Eminent personalities from the field of Science and Technology will enlighten students on various aspects of Science as well as interact with students to clarify their doubts and concerns

Start-Up Park

(Grades VI to XII) A technological park where reputed companies and institutes will set up individual counters for showcasing their latest developments in the field of science and technology. The wide array of exhibits would widen the learning horizon of students on the most recent technological advancements.

Pandemic Timeliners

(Grades VI to XII)A invigorating session Deadly historic pandemics that has plagued makind over the centuries

MED talks

(Grades VI to XII) Distinguished doctors from medical fraternity will enlighten students on various aspects of medicine, virology and virology, as well as interact with students to clarify their doubts and concerns.


Virtual Reality Development

(Grades XI to XII) Virtual reality (VR) software development has become a new way to create media and entertainment. Industries — like automotive, virtual production, and more — are applying VR technology to simulate environments to train people and test products in real time

Artificial Intelligence

(Grades VI to VIII) Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Participants will learn about the basic concepts of AI and some of the specific applications

Light Years Away

(Grades VI-XII) It's an astronomy based workshop where students get to learn about space and celestial bodies, for example concepts like big bang theory, planets and stars, black holes etc


(Grades XI to XII) Students in this workshop will learn about the base concepts of drone making and its uses

Rediscovering Youth

(Grades IX-XII)A mental health professional shall talk about many prevalent mental health issues like drug addiction, depression and anxiety among teenagers


(Grades IX-XII) A professional peronnel shall give some fascinating information on neuroscience and neurobiology with an interactive session of 15 minutes at the end.

Paradox of Mysteries

(Grades VI to XII)The speaker will speak about the unsolved cases of medical science. It'll be an informative as well as an interactive session where the last 20 mins will be solely allotted to the participants for their doubts.

Website Designing and Programming

(Grades IX to XII)Web design refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. In this the participants will learn how to facilitate website designing and will also learn the basics of programming required for it



(Grades IX-XII) Scientific based quiz competition will be held for Interested students in teams.

Tech Fair- Science Exhibition

(Grades VI-XII )An innovative Science fair where students can take part as a group of four members each to present models. It will be held in a larger scale where the models will be judged in three rounds.The panel of judges includes eminent scientists and researchers, parents, students and teachers. The highlight of the fair is that the students will also be judges 

IF I were

(Grades VI-XII) An exciting activity to engage young minds by asking them to impersonate famous personalities from the field of Science and Technology

Just Speechy

(Grades VI-VIII) Participating students shall select a speech given by a scientist that was delivered in a public platform and then shall perform an excerpt of that speech to the audience, within a time span of 90 seconds

Can You Sell It

(Grades VI to VIII)The students will be given a scientific/technical product and they have to come up with innovative ways to sell it


(Grades VI to VIII) Students solve a series of mathematical problems that get tougher to solve the maze

Science Acapella+RAP

(Grades VI-XII) Participating students will be asked to present scientific parodies of hit songs and raps by submitting a video (all will be screened by the TED team beforehand to ensure that decency and decorum is maintained). Following the same pattern as last year, it is presumed to be a very popular event amongst the students as it allows them to sing the tunes of their favourite songs while simultaneously coming up with creative ways to incorporate science into the lyrics

Lost Science

(Grades VI to XII)Students will choose a scientist of their choice and refute their invention chronology highlighting the work of scientist’s that got overlooked


 (Grades IX-XII)In this ‘Just a minute’ activity, a student speaks for a minute (extempore) on a given topic


(Grades VI to XII) Esports is a competition involving popular multiplayer videogames which can be held over the internet


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