Founder Chairman's Vision

Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo - Founder Chairman, SAI International Education Group

“To evolve, one needs to change positively which comes with new ideas and innovations and the only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible”, believed late Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder Chairman SAI International Education Group.

To stimulate scientific temperament and critical thinking in children, the concept of SAITED was introduced in the year 2016 by Dr. Sahoo, a concept much beyond the conventional Science and Technology fair for school students. SAITED offers an unparalleled opportunity to not only showcase scientific talent through exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations but also opens an array of advantages for the young talents. The event opens up channels of interaction with renowned scientists and experts who are all leaders in their own fields, to take forward Science and Technology to productive sectors.

Dr. Sahoo’s vision was to create brilliant, scientifically stimulated, problem solvers with insightful and focused thoughts, the entrepreneurial future citizens of India. He envisioned that to become a world leader in the field of science and technology, India needs to train the young minds through promoting scientific literacy, and encouraging innovations from the latest transformative scientific ideas right from the school level. He believed in developing and testing new approaches to teaching science to school students of all stages and in catalysing partnerships among schools and luminaries from the world of science and technology.

He dreamt of creating global leaders, who are critical-thinking innovators with flourishing careers and ready to re-shape the world for the better.

Through the platform of SAITED, he instilled the 21st century learning skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity and ushered in the children, an inquisitive mind with a thirst to learn, thereby adding value to the world.

Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo worked tirelessly to build a Better India through Quality Education. 

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