Amitabh Agnihotri

SAI International Residential School

In the pursuit of learning and developing scientific temperament SAI International has
become benchmark of success in imparting 21 st century learning skills in the students
through various national and global level events one of them being SAITED. It is a
Science and Technology Fest to induce the spirit of curiosity and creativity amongst the

This year the highly awaited innovative science-based event with over multi-school
participation across the globe SAITED 2021 will be conducted on a virtual platform
as e-SAITED. It will give the young minds enough of opportunities and exposure in the
world of science and know its benefits at the one of its kind school level fests.

SAI International believes that technology may not solve all problems, but it can
contribute to the solution. It must be used to reach out to the larger public and hence
inclination towards technology is a must for the future global citizens.

Students will have a wonderful exposure being a part of one of the biggest school-level
science events to orient, educate and prepare students to work towards becoming
future innovators, researchers, consultants, and designer in their preferred area of work.
Students will learn to lead, innovate, grow, experience, and engage in fruitful scientific

I heartily welcome all the students and teachers from various schools and colleges of
India and abroad to this virtual SAITED 2021 for a greater learning experience and
taking a step towards democratizing in science and technology.


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