Dr. Silpi Sahoo

SAI International Education Group

The advancement in science and technology determines the development of a nation. India being a developing nation; it is our mission to cultivate scientific inclination and inspire the young minds with the wonders of scientific endeavours convincing them of its magic and prepare them to engage with its implications for the future. Through SAITED, we anticipate encouraging and challenging the future leaders to explore and understand the world around them and deliver dynamic hands-on workshops and exhibitions and inspirational shows, discussions, debates and performances that continually will push the boundaries of imagination thereby engaging with science. We strive to ensure that scientific understanding and critical thinking is embedded in all aspects in the students.

In this respect, the 6th edition of SAITED will be hosted at SAI International School on Wednesday, September 7, 2022 in an offline format after two long years of pandemic. This day-long event is a student driven event, managed by students of class XI from science stream where the students will be immersed in a day long explorative and engaging science activities. SAITED is the brainchild of Late Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder-Chairman, SAI International Education Group. It is India’s largest school-based science and technology festival, hosting over 7,500 students from 40+ schools across the state. It aims to promote STEM, and orient, educate, and prepare school students towards becoming future innovators, researchers, consultants, and designers in their preferred field with chock-full of information.

Students get an opportunity to present their ideas and research works based on the theme and obtain valuable advice to strengthen their work. SAITED 2022 would create a deep curiosity among students on the potential of scientific and technological possibilities and lay the foundation on the basics of scientific knowledge.

SAITED will give a bountiful of opportunity to be part of a passionate community where the students gain a unique perspective on the behind-the-scenes of major scientific endeavors and explorations, taking science out of the laboratory and into the laptops and mobiles and beyond across the globe making you feel that you are a part of a wonderful innovative, imaginative global family.

It is our duty to develop scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform in each child to make the world more rational and objective with logical, analytical and conscious minds.


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